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OK Digital Recruitment


We strive to bring you the best candidate for the permanent position by using our platforms and experience.

OK Digital Recruitment Contrac


Do you have a short term or long term contract you need the perfect candidate for, let us make it easy for you.

OK Digital Recruitment Seasonal


Seasonal contracts differ from short or long term contracts, let us help you to ensure you get it right and get the right candidate.


The Importance of Background Screening! Let's do some digging!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to screen your candidate before offering them a contract.

The amount of risk you carry when employing “blindly” could be detrimental to your company.

We therefore have an add on cost which will allow us to screen the candidate we offer your company to ensure the candidate is who we think they are, and that their credentials have been checked and verified.

We advise the following checks to be done as a minimum:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • ID Verification
  • Drivers Licence Verification (if company car will be used)
  • Qualification Verification
  • Reference Check
Once all the above is confirmed and cleared, we will be confident to provide you with the candidate.